Raising Money and Awareness with Facebook Likes - dummies

Raising Money and Awareness with Facebook Likes

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

You really can’t overstate the importance of Facebook Likes to companies and cause marketing. Likes have become the dominant symbol of social proof and popularity on the web. With one simple click, you can share your opinion with the world!

The difference here is that instead of the customer mailing the company an item, such as a cover from a yogurt, that then triggers a donation to a cancer cause, the company agrees to make a donation for every Like it receives on its Facebook page.

This is win-win cause marketing. The cause gets the money, and the company gets new Facebook visitors. As long as the visitors continue to “like” the page, the company can market to them through Facebook. For example, in the following illustration, Bank Atlantic in Florida pledged a total donation of up to $5,000 to six area causes in exchange for Facebook Likes.

Facebook Like programs are easy to setup. The Like icon is already on your Facebook page. You just need to give people a great reason to click it. The key is promotion and getting the word out to stakeholders.


An interesting variation to this program is when the company rewards the cause when the cause gets Likes. This situation is a double-win for the cause, and the company earns its halo, in a big way.

The Food Bank For New York City is just one cause that benefitted from this arrangement when FedEx provided five meals to the Food Bank each time someone Liked the Food Bank’s Facebook page, as illustrated in the following figure.