Preparing for the Initial Cause Prospect Meeting - dummies

Preparing for the Initial Cause Prospect Meeting

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Congratulations! You’ve landed a meeting! A first meeting with the prospect is a big step toward closing a cause marketing deal. Prospects are busy and generally don’t give their time to meet with just anyone. A meeting means a prospect sees some promise in what you have to offer. Don’t let poor preparation be your undoing.

To prepare for a successful meeting, you want to make sure that you include the right people from your team, set clear expectations of what you hope to accomplish, avoid presenting anything with sponsorship levels, plan all your questions, and think twice about the big PowerPoint deck you had planned to bring.

So what should you bring to the meeting?

  • A blank notepad to capture any possible ideas, options, and next steps.

  • Two ears that you plan to use to listen for what the prospect needs from the program to call it a success. Remember, the ears are for listening to others, not to hear the sound of your own voice!

  • A full inventory of everything you could offer your prospect as a cause marketing partner. This way, you can build a program à la carte based on their level of potential support and their needs. It also means you can pitch them on another program if the one you had in mind for them flops.