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Point-of-Sale Program Success: Free Incentives

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

You should never pay for cause marketing point-of-sale incentive prizes. There are too many easy and good places to get them for free. Here are some proven strategies:

  • Ask local companies to give them to you. It’s amazing what people will give you if you just ask them. But you’ll never know if you don’t ask. Try it. You may be surprised. In exchange, you may be able to offer them some promotion in the stores selling your pinup.

  • Recruit an incentive partner. The pizza chain wanted its coupon on a pinup for an cause marketing campaign, but it didn’t want to pay to be on it or sell it at its restaurants. Instead it compensated with pizzas! This trade was win-win because they got their coupon on the pinup, and free pizzas were used as incentives throughout the campaign and with other partners.

  • Nonprofits of all sizes can tap the points on their company credit cards for incentives. You could also ask donors to exchange their credit card points for incentive items that could be used for a program.

  • Ask the company you’re partnering with to support your program with incentive prizes for their employees. Even better, if your program includes co-marketing with other businesses, exchange prizes so that employees get something different, and the company gets access to a new audience of potential customers.

    An employee in a coffee shop doesn’t want a coupon for a free coffee. But the employee at the sub shop across town may love a free latte and may become a new regular customer.