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New Cause Partners thru Your Fundraising Events

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Most causes have fundraising events, but they don’t view them as the assets they are. To many, cause marketing is one type of fundraising, and special events is another, without ever thinking to combine the two.

Many causes host large, well-attended and successful events that can be easily leveraged to recruit cause marketing partners. Take the example of the Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson (BSDP) Foundation in New York and its annual bike ride in honor of one of its special young clients, Jake Silverman. This event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Eager to add cause marketing to the mix, BSDP event manager Beth Pfeil used the ride to recruit Garden of Eden (a small grocery chain with several locations in New York and New Jersey) as a cause marketing partner. Cause marketing helped Beth close the partnership deal with Garden of Eden in two important ways:

  • It increased the number of ways the grocery chain could make a difference for the charity. Not only would Garden of Eden raise money for the cause at the register through a pinup program, but it planned to promote the ride to boost rider participation. Garden of Eden liked the fact that its program had the potential to make a bigger impact for the cause than a sponsorship would.

  • Combining events and cause marketing increased the exposure for the grocery store chain. Part of the partnership agreement included signage at the bike ride that would promote Garden of Eden’s involvement, all at no extra cost. The added benefit of having visibility at the event — and not just a point-of-sale program that targeted existing customers — increased the value of the promotion to the grocer.

    Tying cause marketing to an event raised this charity an extra $6,000.
    Tying cause marketing to an event raised this charity an extra $6,000.

Perhaps more than anything else, causes are known for their fundraising events. It’s time for causes to expand the value of these fundraisers by supercharging them with cause marketing.