Improving Cause MarketingTransparency with Quora - dummies

Improving Cause MarketingTransparency with Quora

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Consumers want more information about cause marketing programs. They want to know where the money is going, to what program, how much, when the funds will be distributed, and so on. One place to answer consumer questions about your cause marketing program is the question and answer site Quora.


Quora is a new site, and you’ve probably never heard of it. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try!

Quora is a dedicated site to questions and answers so that you can filter out all the other noise you would get if you asked the same question on, say, Facebook or Twitter, which are used for a lot of things.

An added bonus of Quora is that while it’s better than just plugging a question into Google, Quora answers are appearing on Google, which gives people another way to find information about your program.

Here’s how you can use Quora for your next cause marketing campaign:

  1. After you signup for Quora, add a question about your cause marketing program that you think consumers would ask.

    Don’t agonize over picking just the right question. Quora’s search bar provides instant results to users so that even if people input a couple of the correct words, they’ll find your question.

  2. Add topics to your questions.

    These topics will also make it easier for users to locate your question because they can search questions by topic and even person.

  3. Create one main topic for your question and let users know they can find more information about it there.

  4. Search on the main topic, add a relevant picture, and click Create FAQ.

  5. Create a section of frequently asked questions to which users can refer.


After you’ve set up your Quora page, monitor it for questions so that you can answer them promptly. These questions and answers will be visible for everyone to see, creating a valuable info and disclosure page.

Most people will find your Quora page via search engines. Not enough people know about Quora yet that they’ll go to it directly, but that shouldn’t deter you from using it.

Users will type the name of your campaign or a few key search words in search engines to find it. One way to increase the chances that they do this is to include references to your Quora page in your blog, Facebook page, and Tweets, which can all increase your search engine ranking.

You can use a QR code on your pinup to direct people to your Quora site, which can have additional information about your nonprofit, your retail partners, and any other partner. For example, anyone who purchases a $1 pinup at retail partner locations could immediately use their smartphone QR reader and be directed to the Quora site set up for this program.


Again, don’t be concerned about people not knowing what Quora is. Be more concerned about Quora as a tool to ask questions and give answers. In that regard, it’s a very good one.