How to Design a Logo and Letterhead for Your Nonprofit - dummies

How to Design a Logo and Letterhead for Your Nonprofit

By Stan Hutton, Frances Phillips

Your letterhead should include your nonprofit organization’s name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail and website addresses. Many organizations also list their board members on the letterhead. Doing so is a great way to highlight the board members’ affiliations with your organization, but if your board is rapidly changing and growing, you may be reprinting the letterhead every few weeks.

You may also want to include a tag line that briefly identifies what your organization does, like Feeding the hungry in Tuborville. Often the tag line is a phrase drawn from your mission statement.

A logo is a graphic image that represents the mission of your organization. Many people remember pictures more vividly than words, so they may remember your logo more easily than they remember your organization’s name. Try not to resort to standard computer font symbols or clip art when designing your logo.

Instead, if you need to be frugal, ask around your community to see whether anyone knows a graphic artist or a printer with a good eye who can help you create something original. If you can’t locate anyone, consider this simple solution: Choose an attractive typeface in which to present your name. You can get fancier later.

Whether it’s complex or simple, as you’re creating your logo, produce several drafts, spend time looking at those drafts, and show them to others, asking for feedback. You don’t want to grow tired of your logo or have it confused with the logo of another group in your community.

If your organization is small and your resources are limited, don’t design a logo that has to be printed in more than one color of ink. Using just one color reduces printing costs.