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Keep Accessible Copies of Your Grant Application’s Electronic Files

By Beverly A. Browning

You have multiple options for storing your grant application’s electronic files. Using cloud-based storage services is as secure as printing out your notes and other documents and putting them in a file box for later use. These services are encrypted and easy to access from any mobile device. Some are free up to a maximum storage level; after that, there’s a small fee, which varies from provider to provider. All of the following choices are compatible with both PCs and Macs:

  • Dropbox: This service has great folder-sharing options and a feature that allows you to see when one of your clients is accessing a shared project folder to retrieve or deposit information. A small window pops up on the lower-right corner of the computer screen to give you the heads-up on any actions in the folder.
  • Google Drive: This service has file storage and synchronization capabilities. Documents can be shared, and Google Drive has collaborative editing options. You need a Google account to use this service, but signing up is free.
  • Onehub: After you subscribe to this collaborative file-sharing cloud-based storage service, you can add Onehub Sync to your desktop and keep all your files handy. There is also a mobile application to add and view files away from your office or home.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: This service is available on Windows-equipped computers. It works the same as Dropbox and Google Drive. The only distinct feature is that it only works on computers that have Windows installed.

New cloud-based storage services are emerging on a regular basis, so keep checking to see what’s out there and what best fits your needs.