Getting Your Cause Marketing Prospect Talking - dummies

Getting Your Cause Marketing Prospect Talking

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Meeting with a cause marketing prospect isn’t like a poker match with opponents eyeing each other waiting for someone to make the wrong move. The more you get your prospects talking, the better the chance you’ll discover their interests, problems, or challenges and how you’re part of the answer, and not just contributing to the problem by wasting their time.

Here are some open-ended questions to get them talking:

  • Your competitor, X, works with ABC cause. They’ve both benefited a lot from the partnership. Have you considered cause marketing?

  • How does your business currently market itself?

  • Favorability and credibility are so important for companies these days. How do you think your customers would rate you in this area?

  • What causes do you (or the CEO) support personally? Why? Do you share your interest in these causes with your employees?

  • What do you think are some of the favorite causes of your customers?

  • How do you show your customers your support for the community?