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Improving Cause Marketing Results: Employee Training

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Well-trained employees can play a big role in the success of your cause marketing program. Not only should your employees be well trained in how to execute the program, but it also helps if they’re well-trained by the company in selling and servicing the customer.

For example, fast-lube businesses that can change your oil and quickly perform a host of other services on your car train their front-line employees in upselling customers on additional services. “We also have a special on a radiator flush. Would you like us to do that as well? It will take only ten more minutes.”

So when it comes to asking customers to support a cause, these employees have an edge because they’re asking customers to buy other things all the time. These employees will raise more money for your cause!

Having well-trained employees is especially important when you’re weighing a program with a low foot traffic business. For example, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, a fast-lube franchise with 40 locations in the Boston area, which runs a successful business with around 50 customer visits a day per store. (Just 50! In comparison, think about how many customers your local supermarket sees every day. The number is easily in the hundreds.)

Nevertheless, thanks to their expert staff who made a major commitment to the program and were confident they could sell a cause marketing pinup for $3 instead of $1, raised over $65,000 over three years for their cause partner.

Employees of an Valvoline Instant Oil Change station.

The success with a fast-lube franchise isn’t unique.

  • Jiffy Lube has raised millions for American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women program.

  • Midas has donated $5 of every $34.95 oil change purchased to Make-A-Wish.

Look for businesses that hire good employees and take the time to train them. Their expertise in selling and servicing customers will pay dividends for you.