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How to Write a Telemarketing Fundraising Script for Your Nonprofit

By Stan Hutton, Frances Phillips

Every nonprofit fundraising call should open with a clear, direct, personal greeting: “Hello, Mr. I’m-Getting-the-Person’s-Name-Right, I’m Ms. Call-a-Lot, and I wanted to talk to you about the Scenic Overlook Preservation Fund Committee’s work.”

Having connected with the call recipient, the caller then tries to link that person’s interests and behavior to the reason for the call:

  • If she’s a past donor, begin with a hearty thank you.

  • If she’s been involved in a related cause or effort, mention how important that work is.

  • If she lives near the scenic overlook, mention how beautiful it is and the community’s concern for the fragile surrounding environment.

You may notice a tricky moment in the call when you want the potential donor to relax and listen so you can tell your story and not be interrupted. To increase the caller’s chances of keeping call recipients on the line, the script should be

  • Engaging and information packed (to hold the listener’s attention)

  • Upbeat about the possibility of improvement or change

  • Deeply concerned about the current situation

  • Specific about the time frame in which things need to change

  • Specific about the amount of money the caller hopes the listener can contribute