Avoiding No from Cause Marketing Prospects - dummies

Avoiding No from Cause Marketing Prospects

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Are you getting cause marketing prospects closer to yes, or are you just giving them an excuse to say no at every turn? Here are just some of the ways causes sabotage themselves:

  • Repeatedly calling the wrong person at a business about the wrong opportunity. The word will spread quickly that you’re the wrong person to talk to.

  • Mailing prospects reams of information and details about your cause marketing proposal. Thus giving the prospect all the info they need to make a decision without you (almost always a no, by the way). And they know just how to get rid of you: “Send me some information, and I’ll get back to you.”

  • Not calling prospects back when they ask you to. Would you do a potential six-figure cause marketing program with someone who can’t even get back to you?

  • Not being flexible to adjust your cause marketing proposal to the needs and interests of the prospects. Just exactly who needs whom here? Act accordingly.

  • Allowing a prospect to give you a flat-out no. Psychologically, saying no is an important threshold for a decision maker to cross. When a decision maker says no, he generally means it.

  • Wasting a prospect’s time with a meeting or presentation that’s poorly planned, lacks focus, and has no value proposition. You can scratch that prospect off your list for life.

  • Failing to demonstrate a good understanding of cause marketing, its benefits and the implications for causes and businesses. There’s no excuse for not knowing your own business — or your prospect’s, for that matter.