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Closing the Cause Marketing Deal: Deferrers

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Of the types of cause marketing decision makers, deferrers are the most fascinating because they’re people of compliance, trust, and faith. Deferrers don’t linger over the pictures like a feeler or pour over the stats like a thinker. No, what interests them is who else is involved, who else has already signed on as a partner.

Deferrers are not first adopters. They prefer to follow the lead of others. If a deferrer admires ABC Company and they’ve already signed on for a program, there’s a good chance the deferrer will, too. Getting Mr. Smith from XYZ Company to put in a call to the deferrer may go a long way in sealing a deal.

Deferrers aren’t patsies, mind you, but credibility, reputation, and prestige (like hobnobbing with a celebrity; as in the illustration) mean a lot to them when it comes to making a decision — certainly more than it does to thinkers and feelers.

Once you recruit a well-known business for a cause marketing program, you should call your prospective deferrers first to see whether they are interested in working with them.

“Hey, Jen, guess who we just signed on for our next cause marketing program? They have 100 stores, and they plan to use advertising, which you know is significant, to promote their participation and that of any cross-promotional partners. I know this is a company you respect and admire. Can we count you in as a partner in this program?”

Celebrity involvement in a cause marketing promotion can motivate a deferrer to join your ranks. De
Celebrity involvement in a cause marketing promotion can motivate a deferrer to join your ranks. Deferrers like being starstruck and rubbing elbows with people they know, admire, and respect.

Sometimes the deferrer defers to you! Deferrers want to work with people they admire, respect, and trust. And it’s not enough for you to bring the tidings from others. Just as deferrers are trustworthy, you must be trustworthy. Just as they’re competent, you must be competent. And just as deferrers are professional, articulate, and polished, you must be those things, too.

You are a surrogate for the great men and women deferrers to look to for their decisions. The king’s messenger just doesn’t carry his seal; he, too, is finely dressed and well spoken. Be the king’s man.