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Cause Marketing Will Not Solve All Your Problems

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Every day, some nonprofits lurch from one trendy tactic to another, only to be disappointed when what was billed as the next great thing doesn’t live up to expectations. Now, the cause and business world is abuzz about cause marketing.

For nonprofits, cause marketing is known for its media, celebrities, and million-dollar campaigns. Of course, this is true for only a very small percentage of charities, and in many cases, they’ve achieved this status only after many years, if not decades, of effort.

For businesses, cause marketing is the new shiny marketing tool that will have customers crowding the registers and talking glowingly of their company. But cause marketing is just one piece of the marketing mix, and expecting miracles from this one strategy is like expecting to drive a car with one wheel. You need a lot of other parts in place to make this car run.

Cause marketing isn’t a cure-all. It’s a strategy that needs to be approached opened-eye and realistic about the work and resources required to succeed and what can potentially be achieved.