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Cause Marketing Resources: Twitter Handles

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

You can keep up with current thinking and events regarding cause marketing on Twitter if you are following the right people. Here are some cause marketing Twitter handles to follow to keep your Twitter stream teeming with learning:

  • Megan Strand is the blogger at Incouraged, a blog that explores issues pertaining to cause marketing and social responsibility. She’s also Director of Communications for Cause Marketing Forum, the leading organization for cause marketers. She’s the leading woman behind its website, blog, newsletter, and twitter handle. As if she weren’t busy enough, Megan was also the technical editor of this book.

  • Chris Jarvis works on the employee engagement side of cause marketing helping companies connect with communities through volunteering and social media.

  • Geoff Livingston isn’t a practicing cause marketer, but he has excellent insights on cause marketing, its contribution to society, and how it intersects with social media.

  • Scott Henderson blogs at and has led several high-profile campaigns, including Pledge to End Hunger, which helped Tyson Foods deliver 560,000 meals to four different cities for children in need and raised $28,000 for Share Our Strength. In 2010, he and his team at CauseShift launched We Can End This, a yearlong initiative to spark innovation and create real, tangible solutions to end hunger in America.

  • Mike Schneider helps battle cancer each year by growing a mustache and raising money during “Movember”. The rest of the year, Mike is a go to guy on location-based services and marketing. That might be why Wiley Publishing chose him and location-based pro Aaron Strout to write Location-Based Marketing For Dummies.

  • Recommending Cone is like suggesting a bunch of great people, not just one. Cone is a leading cause branding firm. Cone tweets insights and research on cause marketing and corporate responsibility. Combine Cone LLC’s tweets with its weekly newsletter and blog, and you can brag to people that you are a cause marketing know-it-all. An active twitterer at Cone is Sarah Kerkian who leads their insights and research group.

  • Jocelyne is the author of key books for cause marketers: Cause Marketing for Nonprofits and Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding, (Wiley), with Carol Cone.

  • The cause marketing handle for Cause Marketing Forum, the leading organization for cause marketers.

  • 3BL tweets the latest in Cause Marketing News, CSR, and Sustainability.

  • Phil is often called the Godfather of Cause Marketing because he played such an instrumental early role in the development of St. Jude Children’s Hospital Thanks and Giving cause marketing program, which raises tens of millions of dollars each year. Phil now shares his successful practices with some of the largest causes in the country.

  • Brian Powell is a Dallas-based cause marketer who is the managing director of cause marketing agency Patron.

  • MCCaliber: Maureen Carlson is a very knowledgeable hospital cause marketer that started the cause marketing program at City of Hope. She works with hospitals around the country on cause marketing and corporate partnerships.

  • Beth Kanter is bona fide rock star in the nonprofit world. While her blog, Beth’s Blog, focuses on how nonprofits are powering change with social media, cause marketing is an area of interest as well. Cause marketing and social media will grow in tandem and that Beth has a lot to offer these fields. As a star in these areas of focus, she attracts many other great minds that you’ll also learn from.

  • Led by two talented strategists, Mindy and Megan, Brighter World Cause Marketing is a cause marketing and copywriting consultancy.

  • Katya is author of Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes (Jossey-Bass).

  • Mike is president of Kansas City-based Barkley, an advertising agency that specializes in cause marketing. Its campaigns include Lee National Denim Day for breast cancer.

  • IEG is a global authority on sponsorship, a close ally of cause marketing. IEG also discusses cause marketing and has some talented staff that write on the subject.

  • Product (RED) is pure-play cause marketing. It’s pretty much all it does. If you’re in to cause marketing, you gotta see red.