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Cause Marketing Resources: Five Essential Blogs

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

A blog is a versatile tool for people to share their insights, experience, opinions, and expertise, among other things. The five blogs presented here are regularly updated with content on cause marketing and related topics. Collectively, they offer a wealth of information that is interesting and useful to both causes and companies that want to learn more about cause marketing and how to execute successful programs.

The official blog of Cause Marketing Forum is Companies and Causes, which is produced by CMF’s director of communications Megan Strand.

The No. 1 blog on cause marketing is Selfish Giving by Joe Waters. Joe started his blog in 2004 as a way to track ideas and to share them with others. Today, Joe posts twice weekly on a variety of how-to cause marketing topics ranging from point-of-sale programs to cause marketing with social media to location-based cause marketing and the impact of mobile technology.

Selfish Giving is focused on serving small causes and companies and teaching them to raise money and build awareness with cause marketing.

You can follow Joe’s blog in several ways. You can sign up for his e-mail newsletter, watch for his blog post links on Twitter, Like his Facebook page, or subscribe to his blog’s RSS feed.

Paul Jones at Cause dissects partnerships and causes to see what makes some promotions successful and others duds.

The longest published cause marketing blog on the web, offers a tremendous amount of advice and insight. So much value from one site isn’t surprising considering Paul’s training: He’s a former director for the cause marketing powerhouse, the Children’s Miracle Network.

Paul is based in Utah. You should check out his blog but also follow him on Twitter for his most up-to-the-minute insights: @PaulRJones (

Cone LLC is a Boston-based cause branding firm well-known for its long history in cause marketing and cutting-edge programs. It’s no surprise that Cone has a blog — What Do You Stand For? — or that it’s a good one. Cone’s blog offers something different from most blogs. It takes a broader perspective on cause marketing and explores issues of cause branding and corporate responsibility, the more mature siblings of cause marketing.

You can read the Cone blog online or sign up for its weekly e-newsletter, which is excellent and chock full of additional insights and research.

For Momentum is a cause marketing agency that has worked with many companies and nonprofits on cause marketing campaigns. Founded and led by Mollye Rhea, who is well-versed in advertising, nonprofit, and corporate marketing, the For Momentum blog, which you can link to at the company’s website, offers many helpful insights on cause marketing from Mollye and other members of her team.