Cause Marketing Point of Sale Quantities and Fulfillment

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

If you print too few cause marketing point of sale pinups, you could stymy your program and hurt fundraising if stores run out. Conversely, print too many pinups, and you’ll waste money and resources and fill landfills with unnecessary paper. Determining just the right number of pinups to produce is part experience, part art. Here are her guidelines for quantities and fulfillment:

  • If you’re working with an experienced retailer that’s done point-of-sale programs before: Total print quantity = 20 percent of the total transactions for the period in which you plan to execute the program.

    For example, if a retailer has 40,000 transactions over four weeks, the same length as your program, you’d print 8,000 pinups. Distribute 12 percent of the pinups to the stores and keep 8 percent for yourself so that you can replenish the pinups as needed.

    Have your printer shrink-wrap the pinups in packs of 100s or 200s. This will prevent waste so that you don’t have to send out too many to any one store while also helping you to keep track of supplies.

  • If your retail partner is new to point-of-sale: Lower the amount in the preceding bullet to 16 percent of transactions and distribute 10 percent to stores.

  • For very small, newbie point-of-sale retailers with fewer than ten locations: Lower the amount in the first bullet to 14 percent and distribute 10 percent to stores.