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Cause Marketing in the Real World: Susan G. Komen for the Cure

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Nothing is more informative for the cause marketer than the Komen for the Cure newsletter. It is always always full of cause marketing programs of all types and sizes. What’s so great about Komen, you ask?

  • Komen is experienced. A 13-year partnership with just one partner, BMW, has raised over $13.3 million through its signature program, The Ultimate Drive.

  • Komen has depth. Komen calls nearly 200 companies corporate partners. Investigate Komen Corporate Partners.

  • Komen looks great in pink. Komen’s signature pink products, from handbags to shoes to candles, make it one of the most recognizable brands in philanthropy.

  • Komen has the pick of the litter. Choose an industry category or leader, and Komen has a friend, including ones that serve pets (Purina PetCare)!

  • Komen isn’t cheap. Most of its cause marketing programs require a minimum six-figure commitment. You must pay for play.

  • Komen has a reputation. Even men love Komen! Why else would the macho men of Major League Baseball swing pink bats or the burly men of the National Football League wear pink cleats?

Komen for the Cure’s cause marketing program will inspire you . . . and probably make you a little jealous. That’s normal. But you can discover a lot from Komen if you choose pink over green.