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Cause Marketing in Real Life: PUMA

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

PUMA runs wicked far with donations in an action-triggered, cause marketing program centered around Boston traditions. Patriots Day in Massachusetts, traditionally the third Monday in April, commemorates the beginning of the American Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord. But it’s also Marathon Monday, the running of the Boston Marathon, the most famous foot race in the world (we’re biased).

Marathon day always inspires fun and interesting promotions. In 2011, the footwear and apparel maker PUMA staged an action-triggered cause marketing promotion that benefited Soles4Souls, a nonprofit that provides shoes to poor people around the globe.

For three days, including Marathon Monday, runners lined up to run on the treadmill at PUMA’s Newbury Street location in Boston. For each mile recorded on the in-store treadmill PUMA donated $100 and a pair of shoes to Soles4Souls.

Any company could do this promotion. You don’t have to be a big international footwear company like PUMA. It’s a simple action-triggered donation program that could be executed by any business that wants to help a good cause by having a “good” run on a treadmill.

Sure, a store that sells running footwear and clothes is perfect for this promotion. But the idea could work at a bank, health club, the lobby of a skyscraper, or any place gym equipment is sold.

Just because a big-name footwear company sets the pace doesn’t mean you can’t trod the same course.