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Avoiding Unnecessary Cause Marketing Signage

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

With any cause marketing promotion, there’s a temptation to produce additional signage and materials to promote the program. Resist it. They don’t work. Posters, fliers, and buttons are fodder for failure because shoppers will ignore them, and employees will use them as excuses to skip asking the consumer to support the program (thinking the button on their shirt will do the asking for them).

However, being realists about promotional materials and know that many businesses will insist on something in-store to promote the program. The best and cheapest promotional tool after a committed employee is a simple register sign.

Flyer for a fundraising campaign

Focus your efforts on developing a dedicated and motivated employee that will drive the program. But when businesses ask for something more, give them register signs.

Register signs are cheap and highly visible to shoppers. And they just might make a difference. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that people will give because of a sign. People give to other people.