Affiliate Cause Marketing - dummies

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Affiliate cause marketing is when a cause rewards a business or another cause for securing a cause marketing partnership. In business, affiliate marketing is when one company rewards an individual or another company for selling its products or services. A lot of times you see affiliate programs advertised on websites. If you buy a book or sign up for a program through the site, the owner of the site gets a percentage of the sale.

A cause rewards another cause

A cause rewards another cause when one of them either brings a corporate partner or assets to the table that the other cause can leverage to create a cause marketing program that benefits both of them.

Another potential scenario with affiliate cause marketing is that you connect with a cause that already has a corporate partner but has no idea what to do with them. In these instances, you can offer to execute the cause marketing program on their behalf and share the funds raised.

It’s win-win for both causes. While you may be thinking it might be smarter for the cause with the partner to soldier on by itself, partnering with another cause that has the cause marketing expertise and this book under its arm will save time, reduce stress, and raise more money.

The cause rewards another business

Look for partners that have assets you can use. Don’t make a mistake and think you have to create everything yourself. You’re a cause marketer, not an event organizer for example. Always be looking for things you could use that would help you build a better program or attract a holdout partner.

You can partner with other properties (any business with assets you could leverage ranging from cultural attractions to radio stations) to market through their events. The opportunity is to link cause marketing with a successful event from which you can use its promotional assets and leave the hard work of planning and organizing the event to someone else. The result is better cause marketing with more partners that raise more money.