A Sample Cause Marketing Incentive Program

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Here’s an example of an incentive program which has been used with a partner. This retailer divided their stores into four groups so that stores were competing against other stores of equal size and foot traffic.

Incentive #1 (upon completion of the program)

For the top store in each of the four groups:

Each employee will be rewarded with a Halloween Town family four-pack, which includes tickets to the event, t-shirts, and a cool pumpkin bag.

Bonus raffle: One employee from each store will win a $100 gift certificate to LL Bean.

Grand prize: One employee from this pool of four stores will win a vacation.

Incentive #2 (upon completion of the program)

Pizza party for each of the top four stores.

Incentive #3 (weekly)

One employee from each of the top four stores will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to one of the following: LL Bean, Williams-Sonoma, or Sharper Image.

Incentive #4 (throughout the program)

Throughout October, secret shoppers will regularly visit stores. If a cashier asks the secret shopper to support the program, he will receive a prize, such as movie passes, coupons for partner freebies, ice cream parties and other exciting rewards!