Using Social Media to Promote Your Restaurant - dummies

Using Social Media to Promote Your Restaurant

By Michael Garvey, Andrew G. Dismore, Heather Dismore

Part of Running a Restaurant For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Increasingly, social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) is the way people connect with each other, celebrities, brands, products, and yes, even brick-and-mortar restaurants. To improve your restaurant’s online presence, be aware that social media users want four key things from restaurants:

  • Promotions or discounts. Throw your customers an occasional 10-percent coupon exclusive via Facebook (or Twitter, foursquare, or whatever services you choose).

  • Exclusive content not available elsewhere. Post pictures of your patio opening party, or show video of your sommelier highlighting your new wine list.

  • Information about new products or services. Let your patrons know about your new happy-hour menu.

  • The ability to share their opinions. Thank customers for compliments and respond to criticism.