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Use Location to Develop Social CRM Mobile Campaigns

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Location figures prominently in the use of mobile devices and Social CRM. If a user is willing to share her location, an app can show her a variety of suggestions about what to do in her current location. She can, of course, also find her way using online maps and GPS apps.

There are four main ways the consumer uses a mobile device with respect to location:

  • Checking in: Local retailers are using online check-ins as a way to generate foot traffic to their stores. To check in, a customer logs into one of the location-based services, such as Foursquare. This service allows retailers to reward their customers for not only acknowledging when they’re in the store but for engaging with others who also frequent the store. Rewards include badges, discounts, and points.

  • Finding local information such as news, weather, and movie schedules: Some businesses provide information specific to their location. If you’re a customer who wants to see a movie or attend an event, it’s critical for you to get those times in advance. As a business owner, you want to make sure that customers can, on impulse, find your schedules and make plans.

    To optimize your online presence for mobile users, make sure your site displays information that’s relevant to the users’ location, such as showing movie times at the closest theater automatically instead of making customers hunt for that information on your site.

  • Getting recommendations: The web has become a recommendation engine. Friends, family and people you’ve never met tell you their opinions. Most people rely on the recommendations of others (not an establishment itself) to choose a restaurant or hotel.

    Google has replaced Google Places with Google+ Local as a way to get specific recommendations about businesses in your area. For restaurants, they include Zagat ratings so that you can see what other patrons have to say.


  • Shopping and discounts: Location is one of the key ways that people find products and view them. Offering in-store discounts via mobile phones has become a way of life for local stores.