The Future of Social CRM Analytics - dummies

The Future of Social CRM Analytics

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Marketing and PR initiatives have their own set of metrics. Thus, the future of Social CRM analytics can be difficult to predict. What works for those avenues toward customer engagement can’t be applied with a blanket over social media. Each tool used to reach and engage customers requires its own set of metrics.

To make social media analytics deliver the metrics you need, you need to define your standards for measurement. You can build an analytics framework that you can apply to various social media platforms. What works for your industry may not work for the next. Here are two metrics that you can use across multiple channels and for many industries:

  • Engagement: At what level do your customers interact with you, your brand, your employees, and your community?

  • Word of mouth: How far is the reach of your customers and what sentiments are they sharing with their network?

Capturing a deeper understanding of our customers in our social CRM systems is gold. With predetermined standards for measurement and the ability to segment affinity levels, you have more than sufficient knowledge to adjust your business’s communications to meet social customers when, where, and how they want.

Remember that social CRM aims to enhance customer experiences by creating a corporate culture that fosters customer-centricity in every facet. This has to be true as you look for metrics and goals and analyze customer interactions.