Specialized Twitter Tools for Social CRM - dummies

Specialized Twitter Tools for Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

A whole industry of tools has grown up around Twitter and can be useful for your Social CRM strategy. People have figured out ways to make it easier to follow and use. For example, here’s a quick introduction to tools that can help you with the following tasks:

  • Grade your account. You may want to analyze how well your Twitter account performs compared to others in the Twitterverse. If your manager wants to know where your company stands, use these tools.

    Twitalyzer is a free account and shows you analytics, including what percentile you rank among all Twitter users and the average age and gender of your followers. For example, if you have a rank of 80percent, that means that 80 percent of Twitter users rank lower than you do on a scale of 1–100 percent.


    Tweet Grader is also a free tool. You are assigned a grade based on such things as number of followers and length of time you’ve been on Twitter.

  • Find the best time to tweet. You want to tweet when the most eyeballs are available. These tools help you figure out when you’ll get the largest audience viewing your tweets. Whether your followers want to retweet your content is still based on the value of the tweet itself.

    TweetStats is a free service that analyzes the best time for you to tweet and shows it to you in a graph.

    Tweriod is also free. Tweriod sends the analysis to your e-mail or DM on Twitter.


  • Find tweets on a particular topic and display them on their own page. If your followers are interested in a particular topic, you can create a page that displays tweets on only that subject.

    Tweetwally enables you to do just that. You can provide a link to your Tweetwally topic from your blog or other channel. For example, author Stephanie created a Tweetwally on visual thinking.


  • Provide analytics for your Twitter account. You want to know more about your Twitter account than just number of subscribers. You want to know about their demographics.

    SocialBro provides statistics through Google’s Chrome browser, or you can download the SocialBro app to run from your desktop. This service provides an interesting mix of analytics and management. You can see your community mapped out via location or find out who your newbie followers are.

  • Schedule your tweets to be sent out over a period of time. These tools are handy for timing your tweets based on feedback you get from tools like Tweetstats or Tweriod, mentioned earlier in this list. Scheduling tweets is also useful when you need to disconnect from the Internet but still provide content via Twitter.

    Buffer provides free and fee-based services. The application stores your tweets and sends them out on a schedule of your choosing. It also has built-in analytics.

    Timely is another free and fee-based tool that allows you to time your tweets. Timely is easy to use: You type your tweets into the application and choose how often you want them to be sent to Twitter. You can also see the performance of the tweets and learn which tweets get the most attention.


Even though social media is gaining a huge foothold, most businesses still use e-mail as their main way to communicate. Don’t forget to consider e-mail when you’re developing your campaigns. According to a 2011 presentation by Jeff Hardy at SmarterTools, Facebook hosts 60 million updates per day and Twitter hosts about 140 million tweets per day, but people send a billion e-mail messages per day.