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How to Create a Unique Brand Identity on Your Facebook Page

By Stephanie Diamond, John Haydon

To create a Facebook presence, you must establish a vibrant brand identity, in the form of a Page, publish content that inspires conversation, and respond quickly and thoroughly to comments from fans.

In other words, to create a Facebook presence, create enchantment with your Facebook Page so that fans are naturally inspired to share your Page with their friends.

How can you achieve this goal? Well, it’s not easy, but it’s doable if you understand that all marketing ultimately boils down to developing a brand identity that people know, like, and trust:

  • Know: You clearly communicate who you are, the benefits your business offers, and how you can be reached. All this information should be included in your Facebook Page profile and within the content you publish, such as by adding your logo or your brand on all photos and cover images.
  • Like: Ultimately, people do business with people they like. If price, features, and benefits are indistinguishable, customers usually choose the brand they like the most. Facebook can’t make people like your Facebook Page or its content unless they like you in real life.
  • Trust: People do business with people they trust. It’s an absolute requirement! You build trust by being responsive, cheerful, and dependable.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea is known for its desire to be socially responsible and also give back to its customers. To get customers to engage and trust the company, it provides coffee rewards to loyal customers (“Peetniks”). It also creates charitable campaigns. Through these and other strategies, the organization has developed a base of fans who know, like, and trust Peet’s Coffee and Tea.

So, after you have worked to get your customer to know, like and trust you, what do you do next? Altimeter analyst Brian Solis says that you need to create an experience that customers “have, remember, and share.” When customers have a meaningful experience, they remember it. It fosters loyalty and repeat engagement, as well as encourages them to share it with others, thereby becoming an important influencer for your company. As you know, sharing is the gold standard for Facebook marketers. If you focus on creating outstanding, customer-centric experiences, you will find that your investment in these experiences will deliver great rewards.

Answer a few questions to help set your Facebook Page apart from your other marketing channels:

  • How can you bring the unique voice of your business to life in a compelling and personal way?
  • In what specific ways do current customers like to connect with your business? What content do they find useful, valuable, or interesting?
  • In addition to building awareness for your business, how important is it for you to use Facebook to drive sales?

The more clearly you can answer these questions, the clearer your brand messaging will be to Facebook users.