How to Add the Quote Plugin to Your Facebook Page - dummies

How to Add the Quote Plugin to Your Facebook Page

By Stephanie Diamond, John Haydon

The Quote Plugin lets website visitors highlight any text on your Facebook Page and share it with their friends. Users don’t need any special permissions to use a quote from your Facebook Page.

To add the Quote Plugin to your web page, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Facebook’s Plugin Page and click the Quote Plugin link.
  2. To see how the Quote Plugin works, click the Try the Plugin button and highlight any part of the sentence displayed (select part of this sentence to see the plug-in in action).
    Facebook Quote Plugin
    Creating code for the Quote Plugin.

    When you highlight some of the text, you see a pop-up that says Share Quote.

  3. Click the Share Quote pop-up, and you get the screen shown below with a drop-down menu (near the top-left corner) that gives you the following choices:
    Share Quote Facebook
    Completing the Share Quote screen.
    • Share on Your Timeline
    • Share on a Friend’s Timeline
    • Share in a Group
    • Share in an Event
    • Share on a Page You Manage
  4. After you make your choice, enter a comment under your profile picture that you want to make about the quote.
  5. Click the Friends drop-down menu to choose who will see the share.
  6. Click Post to Facebook.