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Social CRM: Why Should We Use Podcasts?

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Are podcasts of interest to you? Here are some ways that creating podcasts for Social CRM could benefit your company. Podcasts should not be overlooked as a useful tool for your marketing campaign as the benefits here will show.

  • Listeners can hear a podcast anytime. No one has to listen to a podcast as it’s being recorded. They can listen at a time that’s most convenient for them. This makes it more likely that your podcast will be heard.

  • Listeners can multitask. With a mobile device, customers can use your podcast to entertain or educate themselves while they’re out and about, running errands or commuting. In this way, you remind customers about your business even when they aren’t at their desk.

  • Podcasts are easy to forward. Podcasts are digital, and fans can easily forward links to them on blogs, social media sites, or through e-mail.

  • Your customers can easily subscribe to a podcast series. Several tools, such as iTunes, make subscriptions easy. If you have an ongoing series, make sure your customer doesn’t have to search for it. Post all podcasts in a series in one place and clearly label them.

  • Your company can create its own talk show with very little effort. Talk shows used to be the domain of major radio stations. Now you can hear talk shows about almost any topic.

  • You can create products that include podcasts and generate revenue. Podcasts are perceived as more valuable than text. If you’re creating an information product, for example, consider bundling several podcasts in it.

  • You can record meetings with customers and send the recording as a follow-up. If you’re consulting or providing custom training, a recording of the conversation would be appreciated. It could be viewed as a premium service.

  • Professionals who hear your podcast may call you for speaking engagements or other deals with your company. You never know who might take an interest in your podcast. Journalists, conference organizers, and business owners are all listening.

  • When your company launches a new product or service, you could interview the product manager to explain its value to consumers. You can use your podcast as a marketing vehicle to get your message out to potential customers.

Look over your inventory of content and see if something your company has already created would make a good podcast. Put a catchy title on it to help capture attention.