Should You Use Employees’ Outside Connections for Your Social CRM? - dummies

Should You Use Employees’ Outside Connections for Your Social CRM?

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Drawing on your employees connections can be a valuable tool for your Social CRM. Employee participation can be especially valuable to a company when employees are permitted to draw on their own social media connections outside the organization. This can be controversial.

It requires the corporation to evaluate the extent to which they will allow employees to make connections for the company when they speak to their own online networks. This is an interesting issue because employees with excellent connections have always been considered great assets to a corporation. This becomes an issue now because employees may communicate with their connections on social networks that are visible to everyone.

If an employee creates an online paper trail that suggests the appearance of inappropriate sharing of information, the corporation may be liable — even if there was no impropriety whatsoever. The issue then becomes one of determining when and how employees can identify themselves as working for the company or speaking on their own.

Some companies ask their employees to include the following on their personal Twitter feeds: “The views expressed here are my own and do not reflect my company.” You will have to take whatever approach best benefits your own business. But, exercise caution is whatever approach you choose.