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Plan Your Social CRM Blog Posts

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

To make a successful Social CRM post, make sure you plan ahead. One of the hardest parts of sustaining an active blog is to constantly feed it with new posts. To help with this process, create an editorial calendar. Most magazines and other publications maintain a calendar so that their content is created in advance. The last thing a publication needs is a big hole in its content.

A blogging schedule will help you manage blog content, whether you’re working with a team or alone. If you’re working with a team, you can assign posts in an orderly fashion and ensure that all your bloggers have something productive to do.

If you’re working alone, you need to prepare for the times when the unexpected happens and you don’t have time to create a post. The key is to have something ready to go when your schedule dictates it’s time to publish.

Following are some decisions you need to make to create your calendar:

  • How often will you post? The best way to organize your calendar is first to decide how often you want to post. You should work at least three months in advance; some bloggers set up their schedule at the beginning of the year and try to finish the majority of their posts in the first several months.

    Don’t think that just because you have all your posts planned you can’t add in something timely right on the spot. The value of having posts in reserve is that you’re never without a quality post to publish. You’ll want to also create posts that relate to current topics and events to show your readers that you’re present and interested in what’s happening.

  • What themes will you select? Another facet of your editorial calendar is your themes. By establishing a theme for each month, you assure readers that you’re providing ample content on all the subjects that relate to your business.

    You want to ensure that you have both evergreen content that you can use at any time and specific content that dives deeper into specific subjects. If you have a financial blog, for instance, one month your theme could be investing techniques, and another month it could be saving for retirement.

  • What style of post will you create? A variety of well-known formats can help a blogger write more quickly and with greater variety.

If you want to use an editorial calendar that plugs right into your WordPress blog, try this plug-in. With this tool, you can easily drag and drop posts into a calendar. This visual method is much easier than having to type in the information line by line.