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How to Get Your Social CRM Podcast Heard

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

After you’ve created a Social CRM podcast, the next step is to spread the word to potential listeners. If you’re creating podcasts for an internal audience, your distribution is clear. If you want to attract traffic to your website, attention to your product, or credibility as a thought leader, you’ll need to find wider distribution. Make sure you do your research to ensure your podcasting success.

One good way to figure out where to distribute your podcast is to look at how people find podcasts. The Edison Research’s 2010 report on the state of podcasting asked its respondents the following question: “How do you typically find out about the podcasts you listen to?” Their responses were as follows:

  • 32 percent said iTunes

  • 20 percent said recommendations on social networks

  • 13 percent said search engines

  • 7 percent said recommendations on blogs

  • 29 percent said other (these could include newsletters, e-mails, and so on)

These statistics can be helpful in determining where you want to concentrate your podcasting efforts. We recommend using all these channels and any others that relate specifically to your audience. Some may be more beneficial to your brand than others.