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How to Extend Community Outreach as a Business Owner

By Michael Soon Lee, Ralph R. Roberts

Business owners often pledge support to activities and events that demonstrate the business’s commitment to the community in which it operates. By serving as sponsors, volunteers, fund-raisers, or educators, local businesses can help make their communities better places to live and work.

Here are a few opportunities to connect with the public within a community:

  • Social service organizations: Programs such as Catholic and Lutheran social services, Goodwill Industries, and others already provide various services to underserved populations. Getting involved in supporting English as a Second Language programs can be especially effective in reaching first-generation immigrants.

  • Athletic team sponsorships: Sponsoring sports organizations can be a good way to build relationships with the community and increase your visibility.

  • Law enforcement–sponsored programs: Police departments, the highway patrol, and other law enforcement groups may be able to assist you in reaching your community. They often have child-safety programs, drug-awareness projects, child-identification systems, and more, and are always in need of sponsors and volunteers.

  • Other businesses: Travel agents, immigration attorneys, and ethnic restaurants that are already serving the communities you’re trying to reach may be looking for people to provide additional products and services to their customers. These are often the real centers of influence for new immigrants.

To get the most out of your sponsorships and volunteer efforts, make them public relations events. Develop publicity around your event or activity, which will not only bring out more people to participate, but also or increase the visibility of your commitment.