How to Create Customer Paths for Social CRM - dummies

How to Create Customer Paths for Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Sometimes the easiest way to understand your customer for Social CRM is to “walk a mile with his mouse.” Ok, that’s not really how the proverb goes, but when you need to determine where your customer gets lost, can’t buy, or loses interest on your website, you need to create a content trip to investigate the problem.

A content trip describes the path a customer makes to complete an action on your channel (such as a website or blog). If you take the path as though you were a customer, you can begin to understand what can be improved. If you pair that with data and feedback, you can craft a solution.

Here are some key items to consider when creating customer paths:

  • Navigation: It may seem very clear when you start at the home page where you can go next, but once you get down a few layers, the organization of the content may need an overhaul.

  • Shopping cart: Cart abandonment is still an issue for most online vendors. When customers get frustrated, they’ll just leave their purchase sitting in the cart. That’s revenue you could’ve had if you had taken a content trip to solve that problem.

  • Returns: Don’t stop at looking at the return information posted on your website. Actually order a product and attempt to return it. This can be a real eye-opener. At first, it may appear that the information you’ve posted is complete, but when you actually return something, you may find that the essential information is either hidden or unclear.