Help Your Salespeople Adapt to Social CRM - dummies

Help Your Salespeople Adapt to Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

When implementing social CRM, your company needs to help salespeople adapt to the social media style of customer engagement. This requires salespeople to manage significant change. However, salespeople can transition to social CRM more smoothly by adopting the following attributes:

  • Collaborative in the way they approach the sales process: Salespeople need to collaborate both within the company and with customers. With social CRM, data about customers isn’t nestled only within the sales team, so departments need to share information and work together more.

    Similarly, sales doesn’t own the key data about a product anymore. Customers are finding the data themselves and looking to sales for support in resolving specific questions or issues. In other words, customers are looking for more collaboration, too.

  • Open to forming close relationships with customers: Social CRM expands sales representatives’ access to the customer. To get the most value from this type of access, sales listens to what social customers are saying and who those customers are. Through listening, sales can form relationships with existing customers and reach out to potential new customers, too.

  • Transparent about what they know and how that impacts the customer: Whereas sales used to have exclusive access to product information, today, customers can often find detailed data about a product online via their social networks, blogs, and review sites. When a company provides data to customers upfront, the company builds trust with customers that can help the company close the sale.

  • Authentic in their motivation and dealings with the customer: In a social CRM model, customers are looking for a salesperson to be a trusted advisor. It’s important that salespeople connect authenticity to closing the sale.

Salespeople need to put customers at the center of their world and work outward from there. If they’re used to old-school sales techniques, that can be a tall order.