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Customer Touch Points for Your Social CRM Loyalty Program

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

To show customers that you’re available to hear them for your Social CRM, you want to be present at all your customer touch points — the channels where the brand interacts directly with customers. These touch points include e-mails, register checkouts, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Major retailer Bloomingdale’s recently created an innovative loyalty program at checkout called Loyallist that makes excellent use of customer touch points.

Bloomingdale's Loyallist program.

Typically, high-end retail loyalty programs require customers to sign up for a store credit card. This confers exclusivity and benefits the retailer by having the customer pay the additional carrying charges. But Bloomingdale’s cleverly sets aside this requirement. Their program allows all shoppers to participate by issuing them a Bloomingdale’s loyalty card linked to their phone number.

If a shopper doesn’t use a store credit card when he makes a purchase, he can simply offer his phone number or physical loyalty card at checkout. This is especially useful to Bloomingdale’s because it allows the retailer to collect loyalty shopper data and issue rewards for all its shoppers, not just the ones who have a store credit card.

In addition, Bloomingdale’s can utilize several of its touch points by allowing shoppers to accrue loyalty points whether they’re shopping online, in a store, or at their outlets. Their loyalty slogan “Every shopper, every day” helps them get everyone into the program.

In return, shoppers get one point for every dollar they spend and two points if they use their store credit card. A customer who accrues 5,000 points also receives a $25 reward card in addition to the rewards per point. Loyalists receive monthly e-mails that detail new products and discounts.

In your own business, think about how you can use your customer touch points to create a unique program that connects with your customers at more places than the point of purchase. Do away with any barriers that might be in place.