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Best Practices for Social CRM Media Governance

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Because social media technologies continue to evolve, it can be hard for Social CRM managers to address all the issues related to social media governance. It can be helpful to look at the UBM Techweb Technology Brief Information Governance: Taming the Data Wild West, in which UBM Techweb outlines these best practices for implementing an information governance policy:

  • Check that your in-house counsel and department heads agree with policies.

  • Decide which policies and what types of information take priority.

  • Decide which technologies best suit the policies you put in place.

  • Make sure that employee training is available when you roll out policies.

By taking a slow and steady approach to making the necessary changes, social media governance can become manageable.

Almost every business owner dreams of attracting a large group of adoring customers who love whatever they do and tell all their friends to buy their products, but there are two sides to that coin.

In her 2011 presentation Building a Brand Superfan, Baochi Nguyen of Boingo Wireless looks at the other side of having superfans (as she calls them) who love your company. What about the overzealous fan who says things about the company in a way that makes it seem as if he’s a paid representative? Can there be too much of a good thing?

Apparently so. Nguyen provides cautionary tips for making sure you deal with the legal issues that may arise. When it comes to governance, you want to be prepared for problems from any quarter. Her tips include making sure that

  • Your legal department documents the superfan relationship. You want to make it clear whether the fan is speaking for herself or the organization.

  • You follow FTC blog disclosure rules.

  • You don’t turn fans off by engaging in ways that seem superficial.

  • You aren’t too heavy-handed in your encouragement of fans.

  • You don’t drag your fans into controversy and make them defend your brand.

  • You don’t pay too much attention to the superfans to the exclusion of others.

You may want to read the government’s rules for blogger disclosure.