How to Network with Your Colleagues - dummies

How to Network with Your Colleagues

By Michael Seid, Dave Thomas

Part of Franchise Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Although a lot of great advice you get to be successful will come from your franchisor, it’s a good idea to stay connected and find new people and new ideas to benefit your franchise business and your personal life. Try these networking tips:

  • Join the International Franchise Association. Whether you’re a franchisor or franchisee, be an active member. The IFA has programs for franchisors and franchisees that will benefit your business, such as online courses and the members of the supplier. (See for contact info.)

  • Attend the IFA regional meetings, the Franchise Business Network hosted in many markets around the United States. Meeting with other franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers will give you a resource network that you can rely on.

  • Attend Franchise Appreciation Day in Washington, D.C. every fall. If you do, you get a chance to visit with your state representatives and meet with franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers to the industry from around the nation. You may also find grass-roots events in your home state to attend.

  • Take classes your franchisor offers. Besides the helpful information you get at these classes, you also get to know your franchisor’s staff and other franchisees.

  • Attend your franchisor’s annual convention and regional meetings.

  • Get active in your franchise system’s Franchise Advisory Council.