Is Working from Home for You? - dummies

By Dirk Zeller

Working from home isn’t for everyone. Some need the accountability of others to show up ready and on time at 8:00 a.m. In a home office setting, you need to be disciplined and accountable to yourself.

Take a little quiz to see if the home office is a good match for you.

  • Are you well organized?

  • Do you work well alone?

  • Are you self‐motivated and directed to start each task?

  • You are skilled and disciplined at working through your to‐do lists in spite of other distractions?

  • Is seeing people face to face a few times a week enough social interaction for you, instead of seeing people every day?

  • Can you create an environment in your dwelling that’s uplifting and free of distraction?

  • You love your work, but do you know when to pull the plug and be with family?

  • Are you confident you can control home distractions (walking the dog, taking personal phone calls and texts, preparing dinner, answering the “I’m hungry” refrigerator call, doing small home repairs)?

  • Does your family understand the meaning of the Do Not Disturb sign on your door?

  • Is working in a home office something you are determined to accomplish in spite of the problems that might arise?

If you answered “yes” to seven or more of these questions, then having a home office is a good option for you. If you answered “yes” to five to six, a home office could work out well for you; however, you have more work to do. If you answered “yes” to four or fewer questions, the risk of failure in a home office environment is very high.