Breakfast Prep to Do before Bed for Your Bed & Breakfast

By Mary White

Part of Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Mornings at a bed & breakfast are a scramble, and not just of eggs. Breakfast at a B&B is part of the attraction, so although you’ll get used to serving it, you may want to use the following checklist to have breakfast practically ready before you go to bed.

  • Review menu choices

  • Check guest register for dietary restrictions and guest allergies

  • Check for all ingredients; decide on quick substitutions if necessary

  • Set out all cooking utensils by recipe

  • Set out serving dishes and utensils

  • Measure all dry and nonperishable ingredients

  • Take frozen items out of the freezer to defrost

  • Set breakfast table(s)

  • Set up early departure “to go” bags

  • Set up early morning coffee and tea service