Avoiding Work Stress in Organisations - dummies

Avoiding Work Stress in Organisations

By Cary L. Cooper, Sheena Johnson, Lynn Holdsworth

Part of Organisational Behaviour For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

If people are unhappy or stressed at work, they’re often less productive, so not only is their health likely to suffer, so is the organisation! Organisations need to try to minimise the following work stressors where possible to benefit both their employees and their business:

  • Career issues: These issues include things such as over- or under-promotions, job insecurity, and fear of job loss.

  • Job content: Dangerous or particularly dull work is clearly stressful.

  • Job role: Not being clear what role and responsibilities are or being asked to do conflicting things causes stress.

  • Personality: Certain people are more or less susceptible to stress, depending on the type of person they are.

  • Relationships at work: Not getting along with colleagues and lack of support from managers or colleagues contributes to work stress.

  • Work–life balance: Struggling to balance the demands of home and work is an increasing problem.

  • Workplace culture: If the general feel of the organisation is negative, it creates an unhappy work environment for employees.