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Top Ten Social CRM Enterprise-Level Solutions

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Before deciding which Social CRM to go with for your brand, you might want to check out the top ten enterprise-level solutions. One of these may be ideal for you.

Oracle CRM

Oracle has dominated the CRM space since the early 2000s and continues to do so despite the extreme changes. With over 380,000 clients, Oracle is at the top of the list covering sales, marketing, loyalty, and services.

Oracle is powerful in part because it has invested heavily in many different CRM product offerings. The major investments have allowed Oracle to build the projects that enable businesses to track any human contact being made internally with your employees or externally with your customer base. Oracle brings a complete solution to its clients globally, and the majority of those clients are fond of these products.


CRM Watchlist has touted SAP as one of the more “innovative companies” out of the top-performing CRM vendors. SAP has been able to meet the needs of enterprise-level clients with its ability to adapt and ride the growing social CRM wave. SAP has an innate desire to stay innovative by co-creating products with its enterprise-level clients.


The SAP CRM application is built directly into the SAP Business Suite, which helps reduce cost and allows management to be more proactive with staff and resources across all channels of communication.

SAP is also good at community management.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM tends to focus on two key components: customer service and sales. Currently, Microsoft Dynamics has yet to place a considerable investment into the third component: social CRM. However, the speed at which change happens in this industry leaves Microsoft Dynamics wide open for investment and improvement.

According to CRM Watchlist, Microsoft Dynamics boasts a client list of 30,000 companies, with over two million users. This is one of the larger in all of CRM. Microsoft builds an impressive array of products to help the small to enterprise-level clients.

Salesforce is the leader in the downloadable software generation. The folks at even coined the term social enterprise after building thought leadership behind the idea that one-to-one communication is key. classifies its social product set as the Social Enterprise, which includes the following products:

  • Sales Cloud: This is a suite of products that includes all the CRM capabilities in a one-stop shop on the web. This tool helps drive proactivity among sales and marketing teams.

  • Service Cloud: This product helps your customer service department implement social media practices. It allows you to assist customers in real time in the social media world.

  • Salesforce created a database with the leading B2B and B2C business data in the world. With, you can access the data directly from the platform.

  • Chatter: This product allows for real-time conversation and helps make businesses processes social. Collaborate in real time from anywhere and with anyone from your company.

  • This platform allows for development of third-party applications to help with the development of the platform.


SugarCRM is a relatively small company that packs a large punch in the social CRM revolution. If your marketing organization needs to automate key processes and tasks ranging from lead generation to marketing campaign analytics, this company is for you. Like Salesforce, the SugarCRM platform is web-based, but unlike Salesforce, it has an open-source model.


The company also offers on-demand, on-premise, and appliance-based solutions to suit customers’ security, integration, and configuration needs.

If you’re in Europe, SugarCRM may be of particular interest to you. According to the company’s website, about one-quarter of its customers are located in Europe, and more than 30 percent of their downloads take place in Europe.


According to CrunchBase, Jive is “the largest and fastest growing independent vendor in the Social Business market.” Jive has made huge progress into the world of collaboration, social networking software, and social media monitoring.

Jive pretty much solidified its position within the social space when Jive acquired Filtrbox and renamed it Jive Fathom. Jive Fathom allows you to listen to, analyze, engage with, and act on conversations happening within the social space. Jive Fathom competes directly with’s Radian6 product.


This is almost an honorable mention, but Pivotal is valuable because of the strength it built in 2010. Pivotal is styled after the Microsoft CRM interface, which should make it comfortable to use and reduce the learning curve and speed of adoption within the company.


Infor is worthy of mention in this list despite its lack of “premium social CRM tools.” Infor made massive gains when it announced a partnership with to combine the CRM applications with Infor’s ERP and financials applications.

Other than a social CRM tool offering, Infor offers a deep CRM suite, which includes customer service and sales channel tools as well as multichannel marketing capabilities, resource management, and e-mail enhancements.


SAS is a powerhouse. Over the past couple of years, SAS has been investing in the social and CRM space by strengthening its tools for monitoring and response.

SAS defines its product as customer intelligence instead of using the ever-popular CRM acronym for customer relationship management. The company tends to focus on solid customer intelligence and an integrated “marketing management framework” or tools for intense customer engagement.

What places SAS on this list are its social media and web analytics solutions.


This company is a little hard to ignore. If you’re looking for a CRM vendor that can manage every aspect of your business from supplier management to mobile marketing and cross-channel selling, the IBM platform may be for you. IBM can literally handle any aspect of a customer service and/or relationship experience. IBM emphasizes personalizing what businesses can offer customers.