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Top Ten Social CRM Customer Service-Centric Solutions

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Social CRM is a function of the customer experience. Whether customers typically call into a customer support line or complain on Twitter, a successful customer service model is needed in order for any organization to thrive.

Sword Ciboodle

In addition to having an amazing name, Sword Ciboodle has been ranked among the top companies for process-centered CRM solutions.

Sword Ciboodle covers both sides of the equation, with Ciboodle Flow to Ciboodle Crowd, tracking and managing the customer experience. Whether you need live chat functionality or customer intelligence, Sword Ciboodle delivers on all levels of the customer experience. The company also offers a direct approach to viewing client interactions and service.


Get Satisfaction

The name defines exactly what this company offers. Get Satisfaction provides online community and support software for the small to medium-size business, as well as enterprise-level clients. They also encourage user feedback for issues relating to bugs and different product features.


When using Attensity, organizations have the ability to listen, use, and respond to the vast amounts of data stored in both internal and online sources.

Attensity follows the CEM model; these solutions are built on an extremely reliable platform that enables listening, analyzing, and relating to the customer experience in the online environment. This is important because it allows you to easily listen and analyze the different social media sites for messages relating to customer service.


Parature is truly a good solution for the companies and organizations that don’t have their own contact centers.

Parature has three core competencies within their environment: social channels, customer input management, and workload management. Their mission is “To be the expert in customer service, not just customer service solutions.”



SEM means the convergence of CRM, knowledge management, analytics, and social media designed for customer service. Knowledge management is just one portion of the overall KANA software package. This tool allows for management of different pieces of content and ideas from employees. You can effectively manage the experiences and insight of your customers and employees.

KANA has built and manages a complete suite of products that include SEM Agent Desktop, SEM web Self-Service, SEM Knowledge Management, SEM Experience Analytics, SEM Chat, Case Management, and the list goes on. These products are at the core of KANA’s mission to transform customer service experiences.

Moxie Software

Many vendors in the CRM, customer service, and social media space create offerings that tap into the knowledge base of both the employee and the customer. Moxie Software does it better than most, employing an understanding of social software that far surpasses that of most competitors. This is steeped in the history of the company as a social solution.

Moxie Software is one of the major customer service platforms that originally started in the social space. Since its creators started in the social media space first, they understand the concept of combining social media and customer relationship management better than their competitors. Many of their competitors went from old CRM platforms to customer service platforms.


If you’re part of a growing business with multiple revenue streams Pegasystems might be something to look at. It’s one of the leaders of BPM. The software and systems allow you to scale your operations with surprising speed, from goal setting to business logic.

Pegasystems also offers what’s called the customer process manager, which is built on its core software and customizable to industry-specific models, processes, and interfaces. The CPM process helps businesses manage every aspect of their customer-facing product, including marketing, sales, and customer service.

Astute Solutions

In late March 2011, Astute Solutions launched its SRM offering, which advanced enterprise social media management by integrating the following capabilities into a single offering:

  • Monitoring: Astute Solutions gives you access to customer feedback in real time. This matters to your CRM strategy, especially from a customer service perspective, because you can respond and turn that customer from a supporter to a raving fan.

  • Analysis: Analysis of data that’s pulled from customer feedback is paramount to any company’s success. By analyzing data, you can change processes within the company from marketing to sales.

  • Engagement: Monitoring is just the beginning in regard to social media. With Astute’s social media management solution, you can engage customers who are sharing the buzz and positive sentiment in real time.

Astute provides a solution that includes not only natural language processing but also builds in a proprietary crawler. This crawler automates and manages searches over millions of different sites, forums, and social networks to track communication regarding your brand.


Contactual allows you to manage multiple aspects of your customer service experience, from call centers to virtual assistants. They also deal with an important aspect of service: the internal help desk. This helps your company provide support for your employees and customers.

Contactual is one of the only call center solutions within this list. It’s important to understand that while social media is an important aspect of customer service, the call center is just as important. Contactual is integrated with and NetSuite, which gives them powerful allies in social CRM and CRM support models. Their multiple integrations allow them to synchronize with different social CRM platforms.


Consona was one of the first companies to implement knowledge-driven support, which integrates knowledge capture, reuse, and improvement directly into case management and support processes. This is more of an internal process for companies. Basically, a KDS gives contact center agents the ability and tools to quickly resolve customer service issues in all mediums from phone to e-mail to social media.


One of the coolest features is multi-way chat, which helps a company’s analysts handle up to four chat sessions simultaneously and resolve issues faster. Consona also offers knowledge management solutions that allow for employees to form a more social company.

Consona is the only CRM-based company that’s focused entirely on service and support.