The Personal Side of Social CRM - dummies

The Personal Side of Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Marketing and Social CRM, as concepts, are built around the connection between two individuals — except for one difference. Marketing wants to use that same connection to build a relationship between a product and a consumer.

Advertising executives of the olden days sat in smoke-filled rooms and tried to define what it means for a brand to be social and to see that branded product by using the personal side of a product. There’s only one problem with that scenario: A product isn’t human. Or is it?

The personal side of a product and brand is the complete set of interactions happening around that product or brand by the consumer.

You want to use this personal side of social, the human side, to drive interaction between customers and employees. Promotional items and coupons are for the business end of this deal. The personal side of social is between humans using technology to interact with each other.

Until recently, businesses haven’t been able to fully understand the personal side of the social business. However, technology and concepts surrounding social CRM have helped define what it truly means to be social.

What do you value as a business? If you haven’t formally listed a set of values, don’t worry; you can determine what you value pretty easily by defining your strategy. However, it’s an important question to answer before moving into the world of social CRM.

The business side of social is defining those measurements in order to understand what you need to do to be successful. This side also determines the budget and amount of resources that you need to allocate in order to make a transition to the social CRM world a successful one.