The New Social CRM Internal Ecosystem - dummies

The New Social CRM Internal Ecosystem

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Ecosystem collaboration can be defined as the Social CRM “new business reality.” Edelman Digital explains the new internal ecosystem as the new business reality and identifies the following three truths that explain this reality:

  • Create more efficient and effective information management processes. Harness the massive amount of available content and data to rethink and reequip business operations.

  • Innovate at faster speeds. Focus business efforts on innovation rather than continued improvement in order to stay relevant.

  • Empower employees. Equip employees with the right data at the right time in order to increase brand impact.

Ultimately, this business environment is about empowering every aspect of your business to work more efficiently. Isn’t that what collaboration is all about? In practice, this new reality also means that requirements are changing drastically for companies all over the world. This change will be easier for some employees than for others.

Some people and organizations are naturally more prone to collaboration. You may know the team players, as well as the ones who seem to struggle with collaboration or managing change. To show employees your effort to foster collaboration is sincere, be sure to lay the groundwork for true collaboration.

True collaboration goes well beyond meetings, training, and committees — although those activities can certainly jumpstart collaboration. True collaboration takes place when your business has the following:

  • All the environmental factors are present. This means appropriate people are in place, and everyone sets aside personal agendas, stakes, goals, and egos.

  • All involved are committed to meeting the desired outcome, no matter what. For instance, when brainstorming runs off on a tangent, the facilitator must loop everyone back to the common goal and desired outcome. Simply asking, “What does this have to do with our desired end result?,” can often get things back on track toward true collaboration.

The camaraderie that occurs in true collaboration resembles a true community, too. The “We did it” attitude can positively impact other initiatives within the organization and the community, and it starts with the leadership meeting the needs of a social organization.