The Business Advantages of Social CRM - dummies

The Business Advantages of Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

“Being social” is and always will be a staple to the success of any Social CRM business. Whether you’re talking in the town square or attending a meeting at the local bank, you’re building relationships with individuals to drive interaction and sales to your business.

Business structures, government regulations, product road maps, competitive environments, and sales pipelines are different from one business to another. However, the idea of being social remains the same. The social business is the one that will succeed in the generations to come.

To make the case for social business and the change that comes with it, you need to go beyond the superficial platitudes. People are tired of hearing, “Social media is the best thing ever! Social media will change your business and revolutionize sales.”

To make the case for social business, you should focus on changing coworkers’ perception of the fundamental idea of sales and customer communication. This change happens when you use the data behind social media to drive interactions with customers.

To encourage acceptance of the new social change, start with the understanding behind the personal side of social, the human side of social, and then move on to the business side.

  • Personal side: The personal side of the brand is the personality of the company. What are people saying about the company? How do you bring out the personality of the brand?

    Humans are social creatures. Well, the majority are social, right? The human race thrives from building and maintaining long-lasting relationships because of our ability to be social. People strive to connect. Period.

  • Business side: After addressing the personal side of the brand, you’re ready to tackle the business side. In the new social business, the business side focuses on the return on investment of social media and defines it by transactional information.