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Social CRM: Product Promotion with Slide Shows

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

We’ve all experienced what some people refer to as death by PowerPoint, but have you considered the value of sharing your Social CRM presentations on a slide sharing site? Sharing your presentations gives them a second chance at a life. If they don’t contain proprietary information or reveal some great competitive truth, you’ll find a larger audience by sharing your presentation.

Some say the presentations increase in value because they can be watched at the viewer’s convenience and don’t have the droning voice of the presenter attached to them. If you’re doing research or looking for new ideas, a presentation site may be just what you’re looking for.

Sharing your slide presentations includes the following benefits:

  • Thought leader status: If your contact information is included, you can demonstrate that you are a thought leader or that your company produces quality content.

  • Embedded links: Uploading your slides to a sharing site means you have a link to your slides. Send that link to potential customers so that they can learn more about your work before a meeting.

  • Analytics: Most presentation sites have analytics that tell you how often your presentation has been viewed. You can see what’s popular and do more of it.

  • Social sharing buttons: Presentation sites have social media buttons built in to help you multiply your sales force with loyal customers.

  • Leads: You never know who might view your presentation. It could lead to a new customer.

If you’d like to upload your presentation to a site that houses slide shows, consider the following options:

  • SlideShare: This is the most popular (and free) site for presentations of all kinds. Through the interface, you can easily display slides, PDFs, video, or content in another format. People can comment and connect with other SlideShare users. If you don’t want everyone to be able to see your content, you can create a private presentation.


  • SlideRocket: With this service, you can create and display presentations. You can also collaborate with others to work on presentations. The basic service is free, but those who want to get more out of it can pay for a subscription.

  • Prezi: This is another site that you may want to try, but it isn’t slide based; it uses a proprietary application that creates digital stories. Its zooming techniques are a break from the slide paradigm.