Social CRM: Encourage Customer Engagement - dummies

Social CRM: Encourage Customer Engagement

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

One way to look at the value of social customer service for Social CRM is to look at it from the customer engagement side. In other words, how does great customer service increase your customer’s dedication to your company? To understand this, it’s helpful to look at the Engagement Pyramid developed by consulting firm Groundwire in 2010.

The Engagement Pyramid consists of six different layers of engagement that a person can have with your company, (one being the lowest and six being the highest). As you read the descriptions, see if you can think of specific customers you know in each category and how they impact your business.

The levels of the pyramid are as follows:

  • Level One: Observing

    The customer is simply aware of the company and periodically looks at its messages.

  • Level two: Following

    The customer allows you to use her e-mail address or other contact info so that she can learn about your offerings.

  • Level three: Endorsing

    At this level, the customer endorses your products and allows you to identify her as an advocate.

  • Level four: Contributing

    The customer actively spends time or money to help your organization. For example, she might participate in forums or sponsor events.

  • Level five: Owning

    The customer now transforms into someone with a deep commitment to the company who does things like invest or join the board.

  • Level six: Leading

    The customer volunteers to lead initiatives to help support the company’s major goals.

Most customers will never advance beyond level four. However, identifying customers who are moving up through these levels can be a huge benefit to your company. By understanding the continuum, you can help create situations that will encourage customers to move ahead.

Don’t let your customers’ engagement flag. Once a customer has endorsed your product, you may consider approaching him as a guest at a planned event. The next time, you could approach him to assist with sponsorship of that event.