Mine the Backchannel for Your Social CRM - dummies

Mine the Backchannel for Your Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

The term backchannel refers to the stream of real-time comments when someone is giving a presentation. This can be another source of Social CRM content from a presentation.

A few short years ago, the backchannel didn’t exist. People sitting in the audience might comment to one another, but there was no widespread sharing of opinions on the spot. The backchannel allows anyone on a social platform to publicly share their opinions, make a nasty comment, or praise the speaker.

Some companies establish a Twitter hashtag for a presentation before a conference or event begins. Companies know they can’t control what’s being said, but they can at least watch the comments along with everyone else. This is a good idea for your company. When you’re aware of what the audience is saying, you may have the opportunity to modify what you’re saying or respond to the comments.

At some conferences and other presentations, the backchannel comments are projected right on a big screen beside the presenters. When the comments appear on stage, the presenter can use those comments to further the discussion and extend the presentation’s content.

One example of this is Pivot Conference, a social media conference run by Brian Solis. Not only were the backchannel comments projected on the screen during the conference, but after the conference concluded, the conference presenters continued to capture tweets relating to the content. This is a great way to keep people engaged.