Members of the Call Center Team and What They Do - dummies

Members of the Call Center Team and What They Do

By Real Bergevin, Afshan Kinder, Winston Siegel, Bruce Simpson

Part of Call Centers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

No matter how sophisticated or high-tech a call center is, for any call center operation to be successful, it needs the right players in place to bring it all to life. Here’s a list of the key call center roles and call center jobs, from call center agents to business analysts and call center managers, to name a few.

Roles and Responsibilities in a Successful Call Center
Role Core Responsibilities
Senior manager Establish the mission and vision for the call center.
Establish the annual business goals for the call center.
Call center manager Work with the senior manager to establish business goals that
support the mission.
Identify the key performance drivers that affect and control the
business goals.
Identify and assign the key roles and responsibilities required to
achieve the call center goals.
Create a culture that supports the mission of the call
Ensure that all policies and procedures support the mission,
business objectives, and performance drivers.
Resource analyst Forecast customer demand, including call volumes.
Determine the resources required to meet customer demand within
department goals.
Determine when the call center needs those resources.
Ensure that sufficient resources are available when the call center
needs them.
Reporting analyst Provide statistical feedback on business goals and key
performance drivers.
Conduct analysis to identify opportunities to improve call center
Computer and network analyst Recommend the appropriate tools to meet the business goals and
improve performance.
Configure the tools to work properly and reliably.
Provide the appropriate maintenance and troubleshooting
Agent performance team (recruiter, trainer, team leader, and
quality analyst)
Recruiter: Hire the right people to do the job of call
center agent.
Trainer: Tell them what to do and why.
Team leader: Show them how to do it.
Quality analyst: Support them and give them feedback on
Call center agents Handle customer contacts in a manner that supports the call
center’s objectives and their own performance goals, as
outlined by their team leaders.