Establish an Internal Social CRM Social Network - dummies

Establish an Internal Social CRM Social Network

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

To boost the collaboration process and Social CRM success, many businesses have looked to internal social networks. Instead of using the power of social networking only to brand and market the business, businesses have uncovered the value of idea sharing within a secured internal network.

For instance, Facebook offers closed and private groups that require an invitation to join. It’s a free way to connect employees on a platform that fosters idea sharing, collaboration, and communication. It doesn’t require an appointment invitation, weekly meeting, or knock on the door to get brainstorming activities started.

IBM Connections offers a software solution for businesses to establish their own internal social network, unaffiliated with an outside site. This gives the enterprise control over how to configure the site. Aside from engaging employees, businesses using an internal social networking site can also invite partner and vendors to the site for collaboration activities and file sharing. Members of an internal network can upload and share files within the network.

Social networks, when used with true ingenuity in mind, offer a powerful tool for idea sharing and collaboration. Here’s a list of some of the things that your organization can do with these tools:

  • Start conversations.

  • Recruit talent.

  • Harness innovative ideas.

  • Earn customer trust.

  • Engage communities.

  • Inspire business evolution.

  • Foster brainstorming within areas of expertise internally.

  • Offer accessibility to senior-level employees.

  • Provide mentoring opportunities.

Here’s a challenge: add at least five more collaborative opportunities to this list.

Internal social networking can create a corporate culture that leads to a competitive edge at every turn. Knowledge is meant to be shared and leveraged, and collaborative social networks are an exciting way for your organization to evolve with the times.